Dog Bytes Computetrs has designed and implemented highly efficient, secure and reliable IT network for small and medium sized businesses. We provide a comprehensive service portfolio including LAN, WAN and VPN migration, network consultation, design and management, wireless and remote access, network monitoring and cabling.

In order to maximize efficiency and information flow throughout your company, proper networking is key. From needs analysis, to final implementation, Dog Bytes Computetrs can meet all your LAN (Local Area Networking) and WAN (Wide Area Networking) needs.

Whether you have 2 workstations or 200, and whether you’re going 10 feet or 1000 miles between computers, Dog Bytes Computetrs can leverage network resources like routers, switches, firewalls and high-speed Internet access across your enterprise, thereby eliminating the need for excess hardware while facilitating workflow.

  • IT network design and implementation includes following:
  • LAN, WAN design and implementation
  • Server configuration and deployment
  • Wireless design and implementation
  • Internet/Intranet connectivity, design and configuration
  • Network analysis
  • Hardware and software bench-marking and tuning
  • Network assessment and data migration

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